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150 Seaport Boulevard Approved by the BRA

150 Seaport Boulevard, the massive new residential and retail development, has been approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

Although the project can still face issues with an influential environmental group and needs state approvals, this was the first step for this waterfront tower becoming a reality.

The proposal includes a 22-story glass tower, transforming what is currently two waterfront bars.

The building would house 124 condo units and if all goes to plan the developers aim to begin construction next year.

The main backlash the project is facing is from the Conservation Law Foundation, which is worried that the development will take up too much of the Seaport’s waterfront space.

Along with the project, developers will also help finance civic assets throughout South Boston, including: Martin Richard Park at Children’s Wharf, building a new space for the Fort Point Arts Community and paying for a new stretch of the Harborwalk between Pier 4 and the World Trade Center.

150 Seaport Boulevard would overlook the harbor and work to protect and enhance the area around it.

The development would also include retail space, commercial space and parking spots.

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