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171 Tremont Street Pencil Tower Proposal Shrinks

The original proposal for 171 Tremont Street envisioned a pencil thin, high-rise tower reminiscent of Manhattan skyscrapers.

However, this has all changed due to opposition of the extensive development in the area and the effect that the tower could have on Boston Common.

New proposals have significantly shrunken the tower, now down to 12 stories and 175 feet, around half of the height that was originally proposed.

171 Tremont StreetThe new plans are more in line with neighboring towers and will no longer cast shadows on the Common- one of the main issues protestors had with the original plans.

Although the new project is six stories shorter than originally planned, the concept for one unit per floor is still in place, offering large, luxury units.

The building will no longer include an underground parking garage and resident parking will be off-site, however this will shorten construction time.

This project comes along with two other proposed towers for Downtown Crossing, with some facing even more opposition from neighbors worrying about extensive development.

Although not as extravagant as originally planned, the 171 Tremont Street development will be an exciting new addition to the area.

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