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2020 Sales Meeting Kick Off

Team Advisors Living hosted the first 2020 Sales Meeting kickoff event on Wednesday. The whole team from the suburbs to HQ spent the day engaging together and strategizing how to make 2020 the best year yet.

Janice Dumont, Jennifer Frizzell and Mary Beth Canova thoughtfully planned the meeting from start to finish. Taking a page from Ellen DeGeneres, the opening meeting kicked off with a dance around the BRA office to the Lizzo hit, ‘Good as Hell’. A method behind the madness, once reconvening in the board room; Janice asked how everyone felt when she asked them to dance around the office. Mostly everyone was in agreeance they felt uncomfortable, Janice then asked everyone to think of how a person might feel when going into an appointment, might those feelings of uneasiness be the same?

Next on the agenda, the Break out Session. The Advisors Living team broke off into 4 reading groups to digest and discuss a Wall Street Journal Bestseller, “The Coffee Bean” by Jon Gordon and Damon West. When put in a pot of hot water, the carrot softens, the egg hardens, but the coffee bean transforms into a pot of coffee. A theme for the meeting, 2020 is the year to be the coffee bean. When put in hot water apply this to the sales office- transform your environment.

Guaranteed Rate hosted lunch by Flour and Allyson Kreycik gave a comprehensive presentation on 2020 Forecast & Financing Tools. Offering an open dialogue with Q & A with the Advisors Living team.

The afternoon session involved a Marketing and Social Media discussion by Stephanie Gallagher and Mary Beth Canova. 2020 will be a year for stellar Instagram feeds! The first of many 2020 Team Meeting’s – the kick off brought together both new and familiar faces; promoting Advisors Living as a team. Overall the meeting was a great success!

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