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Another South End Church Converted to Condos

Another South End Church may be converted into condos. According to, plans have been submitted to the Boston Redevelopment Authority for the conversion.

Developer Ronald Simons is behind the proposed development to convert the South End church, Immaculate Conception Church, located at 771 Harrison Avenue.

The proposed development would include a seven-story structure with 63 units, an on-site garage parking (a rarity in Boston), and beautiful roof terraces.

This renovation follows just after the converted church on Shawmut Avenue. The Lucas, formerly the site of the Holy Trinity German Church in the South End, had the last of its units hit the market in mid-February.

The Lucas kept the façade of the church for a base and then attached a modern, multi-story glass addition.

The plans for the Immaculate Conception Church propose to keep the exterior of the building largely the same, with the exception of several skylights and roof terraces.

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