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Apartment Developers Focus on High End Luxury Amenities

Luxury amenities in apartment and condo buildings are going far beyond the average gym or pool in order to compete with a large number of new developments and to attract interested residents.

Developers of new constructions in Boston are offering customized top-of-the-line amenities both within the units and throughout the buildings to both attract buyers and transform the building from just somewhere to live, to somewhere that compliments residents’ lifestyles.

Van Ness Interior

The demand for creating an innovative space has surpassed the demand for over the top amenities of the past, such as bowling alleys and golf stimulators, according to Market Watch.

These are being replaced with more thoughtful additions and finishes, including private parking spots and other amenities that are focused on personal comfort and wellness of residents.

Modern amenities now resemble features that can be found in high end hotels, and resorts with luxuries hoping to enhance quality of life. Some of these include spas, high-end gyms, BBQ, community areas and high-end air and water filtration systems.

These additions are becoming the new normal with new developments throughout the world and the high-rise boom in Boston.

Pierce Boston is an iconic new construction that has begun to offer private sky cabanas for residents on the rooftop as well as a common roof deck open for all residents.

Pierce Sky Cabanas

Credit: The Boston Globe

Other new developments such as The Eddy in East Boston is offering residents a dog washing station and interiors that focus on sustainable living with smart thermostats and energy star-rated appliances.

Even buildings offering more basic amenities are making sure they are completed to the highest level of luxury.

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