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BisNow’s Developments in the Seaport Event

Advisors Living CEO, Janice Dumont, led the panel discussion on the future of the Seaport at BisNow’s State of the Seaport. The panel talked about what we can expect for the future of this ever-evolving neighborhood. Panelists included John Drew, President of The Drew Company, Dick Marks, EVP of WS Development, and Alex Sing, Founder of Cottonwood Management. Each spoke on aspects of development within the Seaport, setting the stage for where this bustling port is poised to go next.

Luxury buildings such as Fan Pier and Twenty Two Liberty were some of the most recent projects discussed. Fred Kramer, VP of Stantec, who was also present at the talk said, “Right now capital flow remains solid, there’s an undersupply of quality housing and the market is strong.” All are important factors in the future of the development of office spaces, retail spaces, and luxury lofts and condominiums like that of PIER 4 and 319A Street in the Seaport District.

This rapid expansion does bring transportation concerns. However, all present at the event were excited by the energy forming in the Seaport as it continues to evolve. Plans to alleviate some of this anticipated traffic have also begun to be put into place. The reconstruction of the Northern Avenue Bridge could help connect pedestrian traffic to the Seaport.

Has the Seaport become a true live, work, play neighborhood yet? What’s in store for the latest parcels slated for development? For the full recap visit BisNow.

More than 550 real estate professionals attended. Next on the docket is BisNow’s event on April 14, 2016 titled Boston Creative Office: The Workplace of the Future.

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