Downtown Crossing

171 Tremont Street Pencil Tower Proposal Shrinks

171 Tremont Street

The original proposal for 171 Tremont Street envisioned a pencil thin, high-rise tower reminiscent of Manhattan skyscrapers.

However, this has all changed due to opposition of the extensive development in the area and the effect that the tower could have on Boston Common.

New proposals have significantly shrunken the tower, now down to 12 stories and 175 feet, around half of the height that was originally proposed.

171 Tremont StreetThe new plans are more in line with neighboring towers and will no longer cast shadows on the Common- one of the main issues protestors had with the original plans.

Although the new project is six stories shorter than originally planned, the concept for one unit per floor is still in place, offering large, luxury units.

The building will no longer include an underground parking garage and resident parking will be off-site, however this will shorten construction time.

This project comes along with two other proposed towers for Downtown Crossing, with some facing even more opposition from neighbors worrying about extensive development.

Although not as extravagant as originally planned, the 171 Tremont Street development will be an exciting new addition to the area.

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Downtown Crossing: Boston’s New Residential Neighborhood

Downtown Boston

The newest of Boston’s residential neighborhoods is Downtown Crossing, with new developments set to transform the area.

The latest news of Millennium Partners redeveloping the Winthrop Square Garage into a mostly residential tower is one of the main pieces that will speed up this transformation.

For years the Downtown Crossing area has been a popular shopping destination, with plenty of retail and restaurants, but very little residents.Winthrop Square

The transformation of this area into a more residential space started when Emerson College began building housing off Washington Street just a few years ago. Since then, developments have increased dramatically.

The iconic Millennium Tower has just been completed and the new development at Winthrop Square is expected to be complete by 2020. There have also been speculation about a skyscraper on Bromfield Street, however no plans are finalized for that space.

The Downtown area is always busy with a diverse mix of tourists, shoppers, residents and those working in the area. This diverse mix is only increasing with the added residential space, making for a very lively and inviting neighborhood.

Plenty of factors keep this area accessible to everyone and will prevent it from becoming solely sterile condo buildings.

The Millennium development at Winthrop Square Garage alone will bring a great hall with restaurants and retail and plenty of public space.

By the time these new developments are complete the city hopes to have a clearer picture of the future of this neighborhood, but it is clear right now that it is going to create a more residential, neighborhood feel in the heart of the city.

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Boston’s Tallest Residential Building Welcomes Residents

Millennium Tower Skyline- Rising Condo Prices

Millennium Tower, the tallest residential building in downtown Boston, is filling up fast as residents began to move in last week.

The lower half of the luxury tower was completed last week and deeds for the first 47 units to officially close were filed. The units range from $875,000 for a 16th floor unit to $8,700,000 for a 45th floor unit.

Millennium Penthouse

About 75% of the current buyers come from around the Boston area, according to the Boston Globe.

The remaining residents are from around the country and the world, which really reflects Boston’s developing image as an international city.

Out of the 442 units within the building only 20 have yet to be sold.

Millennium Tower Luxury Condo Boston Downtown Crossing

The top floor units will be complete and ready for move in later this year.

The 685-foot tower is not only the tallest residential building in the city, but one of Boston’s most anticipated new developments. Along with the high-end luxury living units the development also brings with it an abundance of new retail to the Downtown Crossing area.

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Plans for One Bromfield Tower Revised by the BRA

One Bromfield

Credit: Boston Globe

The newest tower proposed to be the tallest in Downtown Crossing has been requested to revise its plans by the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

One Bromfield is a 59-story residential and commercial tower planned for the corner of Washington and Bromfield Streets in Downtown Crossing, developed by Midwood Investment and Development.

After many points have been brought up by the community, the developers are being asked to revise the project. Some of these points include: height, transportation, operational logistics and street scape.One Bromfield

This has stalled the plans for this new development moving forward until at least the end of July, but there is currently no definite project timeline.

Original plans for the tower date back to 2008, when it was first proposed as a 28-story residential tower. However, the developers filed a new report in April proposing a 59-story tower with 419 residential units and six-story ground floor podium.

Due to the size and nature of the project, developers must go through Boston Zoning Board of Appeals to get approval for the building and must now rethink the scale of the project, keeping in mind the concerns of the surrounding developments.

The general feedback from the community was that the neighborhood needs to be more selective and thoughtful about the developments within this historic area.

Until this project moves forward, Millennium Tower will remain the tallest building in Downtown Crossing.

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Millennium Tower Won’t Reach Manhattan Heights

Millennium Tower

High-rise buildings are in development all over Boston, with some concerned that these tall towers are going to overshadow the historic architecture and turn the city into a mini Manhattan.

A new report by Encompass eases some of these concerns by showing that even the tallest tower planned for Boston, Millennium Tower, is nowhere near the height of the tallest tower planned for NYC.

Encompass Boston Tower Height

Millennium Tower is currently Boston’s tallest tower, which comes up to less than half of the height of Nordstrom Tower currently under construction in Manhattan.

Nordstrom Tower, when complete, will be the tallest in the city at 1,775 feet and Millennium Tower will be 685 feet.

Millennium Tower is definitely one of Boston’s most anticipated new projects, expected to be completed before the end of 2016.

The Downtown Crossing tower will bring 1.1 million square feet of luxury living, offices, shops and restaurants to transform the area and become a towering Boston icon.

The building will bring 450 condos and rental units across its 60 stories.

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Skinny High Rise Problematic in Downtown Crossing

Skinny High Rise Proposal Washington Street

A proposed skinny high rise for Downtown Crossing is facing opposition from residents of the neighborhood and the Boston Opera House next door to the site.

The plans for the 533 Washington St. site include a 300-foot pencil-thin apartment tower where Felt nightclub once was.

The apartment tower would be 30 stories and 94 residential units, ground floor restaurant space and two floors of office space.

The area is known for its low-rises and focus on beautiful architecture, so a main concern is what the introduction of this tower, which is well over the current zoning restrictions, will mean for the future of the area.

One of the main groups opposing the development is the businessmen who own Boston Opera House. The pair sent a letter to the BRA stating the concerns for how this new development would seriously effect their venue, including creating traffic and threatening the structure of the historic building.

There is also concerns that damage from the construction could result in huge losses for the theater and the companies involved.

Another main concern is the growth of these towers in this area and placing such an ambitious project on such a thin site.

This skinny tower is one of many proposed for the area and they would all need to exceed the current zoning limit of 155 feet that is in place.

Developers and some supporters believe that this development will bring much needed housing for young professions in the area.

Stay tuned to find out how the project develops and let us know your thoughts!

One Bromfield Tower in Downtown Could Rise Above Millennium

One Bromfield downtown

New York-based Midwood Management Corporation proposed a 419-unit residential tower in Downtown Boston to join the Millennium Tower.

This is not the first time Midwood Management has looked into developing a tower at One Bromfield. In 2008, they proposed a similar project for this space. However, the recession halted that development. This time Midwood has sought the help of architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill to design the structure and is looking to add a few more levels, rivaling the height of its would-be close neighbor, the Millennium Tower.

The Boston Business Journal reported, One Bromfield tower could see 30,000 square feet of ground floor retail space, 300 rental units and 119 condominium units. The project is also proposed to include 235 parking spaces and 429 bike parking spaces.

Midwood Management is still working on the early stages of the proposal and is expected to file a draft project impact report within a week

The proposal for the new project would sit taller than the Millennium Tower located just across from One Bromfield.

High-rise buildings are cropping up all over Boston. Back Bay’s One Dalton is on pace to be the third tallest building in Boston, and the site of the Winthrop Square Garage could also see some lift. Curbed put together a list of the sky-high projects you should be watching that could change the Boston skyline by 2020.

The International Film Festival Returns to Boston April 14th

Downtown Boston

The Boston International Film Festival (Boston IFF) has been one of Boston’s most prominent annual attractions for more than a decade. This April will mark the 14th year of the event and the people of Boston could not be more excited. This rich, cultural experience is unique to the downtown area and provides entertainment for movie critics and fans alike.

The Boston International Film Festival was created to celebrate the art of filmmaking and to honor the people behind the scenes. The festival is dedicated to rewarding artists for their individual talents and for their creative expressions. The Boston IFF unites local, national and international filmmakers and supports the work of worldwide independent filmmakers. The 5-day festival will begin on Thursday, April 14th and end on Monday, April 18th. The screenings provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for audience members to engage in dialogue with the filmmakers, and for the filmmakers to receive honest feedback from their audiences.

There are over 100 screenings and live events scheduled throughout the festival, and will be held across three major locations in Downtown Boston, including the AMC Loews Theatre located at 175 Tremont Street, The Paramount Theatre located at 559 Washington Street, and the BPE Studio located at 9A Hamilton Place. Opening night will feature a Red Carpet event starting at 6:00pm followed by a movie screening from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Residents and future residents of the downtown area should strongly consider attending this vibrant event.

The cost of attendance depends on the experience you are looking to have. With that said, none of the experiences will break the bank. For those only looking for a night of fun you can purchase a screening pass for $45.00 and enjoy the screenings of that specific day. The second option is an All Screening pass, which is $75 and lasts throughout the festival, providing admittance to all screenings. Last, but not least, is the All access VIP Pass that cost $250.00 and they allow you to meet the stars and filmmakers, go to each of the parties, and see any of the films. Regardless of the option you choose, you are in for a great atmosphere filled with talented people and thought-provoking films. Attractions like this are just another great perk of living in and around the city of Boston.

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New Addition to 100 Federal St. in Downtown Proposed

BRA Rendering 100 Federal St

Photo Credit: Boston Redevelopment Authority

Your walk to work could look very different with a new addition to one of Downtown Boston’s most notable buildings. Just beyond Post Office Square sits 100 Federal Street in the center of Downtown Boston. Famous for the protruding appearance from the outside, Downtown office workers have fondly deemed it as the building with the bulge. Boston Properties wants to spruce it up and take advantage of the open street-level space below the building. Boston Civic Design Commission granted Boston Properties approval on the addition of a glass atrium at the base of the building.

The atrium addition to 100 Federal St. could include 8,500 square feet of retail space, 500 square feet of kiosk space, and 8,990 square feet dedicated to a “winter garden.”

Perkins + Will is the designer for the addition while a familiar face sits behind the landscaping design. Mikyoung Kim Design is slated to coordinate the landscape architecture. Mikyoung Kim Design is working on several projects throughout the city, such as the plaza outside of the Prudential at 888 Boylston St. and the Pier 4 Plaza steps outside of the 100 Pier 4 luxury condominiums in the Seaport.

Boston Properties will seek full approval from the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

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Up, Up and Away

millennium-tower-penthouseMillennium Tower is making headlines again as the 13,000 SF Grand Penthouse, which was listed at $37.5 million, went under agreement today. The full floor penthouse in the sky is located on the 60th floor with a 2,000 square foot private terrace and stunning 360-degree views of Boston. If the penthouse closes at the asking price it will break the record for the highest priced condominium sale on record in Boston.

With over 90% of the 442 luxury units sold and the largest unit now under agreement, the remaining available units are starting at $3,300,000.

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