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Iconic New Development in Fenway Under Review

iconic new development in fenway

The proposal for an iconic new development in Fenway is officially under review by the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

The 29-story tower planned for 2 Charlesgate West will bring 173 new apartments to the area, as well as 122 condos and some office space.

Developer Trans National Properties is hoping to create an iconic new landmark in the city, that will serve as an eastern gateway to Fenway.

2 charlesgate west

The three small buildings currently on the site will be demolished to make space for the completely iconic new development.

While specific details of the units have yet to be released, the building will also include a ground floor restaurant, parking spaces and resident amenities such as, outdoor terraces and grilling stations.

This development would be the latest in a number of new projects hoping to create major change in the Fenway neighborhood. Including the Van Ness luxury apartments and The Pierce.

Along with the development there will be new lighting and artwork installed beneath the Charlesgate overpass nearby. This will be done in collaboration with Artists for Humanity and the Boston Art Academy.

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Fenway Center Residential Construction Approved

Fenway Center

Credit: Bldup

A new residential development is coming to Fenway Center, after funding has been raised and the BRA has approved the plans.

The development will be have two new apartment buildings with a total of 313 residential units.

$230 million has been raised with two large investors and when the project is completely finished there will be five new buildings in Fenway Center.

The development will happen in two phases, the first being the two apartment buildings along Beacon Street, the second is still pending approval, but includes three buildings above the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Construction for the decking that the second phase will sit on is set to begin at the end of the construction of phase one.

When the whole development is complete, Fenway Center will have new office space, retail space, parking space, over 30,000 square feet of green park space and the new residential units.

Construction is expected to stat by the end of 2016.

The Pierce Sky Cabanas For Sale

Pierce Boston with Sky Cabanas
Pierce Sky Cabanas

Credit: The Boston Globe

Looking for some prime rooftop real estate to accompany your million dollar apartment? The Pierce Boston has got you covered.

The luxury building in Fenway that is currently under construction is offering 12 private roof decks to residents, starting at $300,000.

Being referred to as ‘sky cabanas’ these decks range from 150 to 250 square feet and are complete with luxury furniture, a wet bar and incredible views.

The 30-story luxury building is only opening these prime roof spots to those who have purchased a condo in the building and four have already been snatched up over a year before the building is due to open.

The private roof price tag- which goes up to $350,000- boast a private entrance, frosted windows and what the developers behind the project are calling your own ‘private sky.’

With so many luxury buildings popping up throughout Boston, high-end amenities like these are being added to make them really stand out amongst the rest.

If you’re not willing to splash the cash on your own rooftop oasis, on the other half of the Pierce rooftop is a pool, lounge and sitting area open to all residents.

Pierce Boston is already 30% sold as construction begins. Don’t miss out on your chance to live in this incredible new development, contact us today!

More Residential Development for Fenway: 2 Charlesgate West

Charlesgate West Fenway

Tall towers are popping up all over Boston, especially in Fenway, which will soon see one of the top 10 tallest buildings in the whole city.

The next one on the list is a development by Trans National, for a 340-foot residential tower at 2 Charlesgate West, according to the Boston Business Journal.

Just a block away from Fenway Park the proposed plans include demolishing the current building and constructing a 360,000-square-foot tower in its place.

The residential tower at Charlesgate West would include around 325 residential units, a mix of apartments and condos, as well as retail and office space at street level.

Developers are hoping to do more than just add a new property to the area, by aiming to transform that part of the Fenway neighborhood and making substantial improvements to the surrounding streets, Ipswich and Boylston Street.

Through the improvements they hope to also rebrand an existing stretch of Ipswich Street as a major art-driven landscape. The improvements will support artists in the area as well as improving the landscape, lighting, pedestrian accessibility and safety.

The developer is filing a letter of intent this week, stay tuned for more updates on the process.

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