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Quincy Named One of America’s Healthiest Cities

Quincy healthiest cities

Quincy has been named one of America’s healthiest places to live in Money magazine’s annual report.

One of Boston’s most popular suburbs on the South Shore, was number five in a ranking of 10 of the healthiest cities and towns in the country.

The ranking was based on a number of criteria, including rates of chronic disease, number of doctors and hospitals within a 30-mile radius, percentage of residents covered by health insurance and how many people report that they feel healthy.

Quincy Massachusetts

The city has many factors that contribute to keeping its residents happy and healthy, including beautiful water views, the Blue Hills Reservation for hiking and outdoor activities, community health centers and range of parks.

Quincy came just behind Highlands Ranch Colorado, Koolaupoko Hawaii, Greenwich Connecticut and Woodbury Minnesota.

The study also reported that health and wealth are directly correlated, emphasizing that physical health can dramatically impact your financial wellbeing.

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