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First Look at One Charlestown Proposal

New renderings of the development One Charlestown have been released after being proposed to the Boston Planning and Development Agency.

The project will cost $1 billion and will transform what is currently a housing development into a mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood.

The proposal includes 3,200 units and 13 blocks of apartment buildings that are waiting to be approved.

One Charlestown rendering

The development will be made up of a number of buildings with a mix of apartments and condos, ranging from six to 21-stories tall. Each building will have a tree-filled courtyard, retail shops throughout and single-story parking garages under each block.

The buildings’ designs have been carefully constructed by different architects to give them each a friendly and unique look.

Developments also include the addition of two new parks to the neighborhood.

Check back to find out more details about when One Charlestown will be constructed and any developments within the project.

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