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Iconic New Development in Fenway Under Review

The proposal for an iconic new development in Fenway is officially under review by the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

The 29-story tower planned for 2 Charlesgate West will bring 173 new apartments to the area, as well as 122 condos and some office space.

Developer Trans National Properties is hoping to create an iconic new landmark in the city, that will serve as an eastern gateway to Fenway.

2 charlesgate west

The three small buildings currently on the site will be demolished to make space for the completely iconic new development.

While specific details of the units have yet to be released, the building will also include a ground floor restaurant, parking spaces and resident amenities such as, outdoor terraces and grilling stations.

This development would be the latest in a number of new projects hoping to create major change in the Fenway neighborhood. Including the Van Ness luxury apartments and The Pierce.

Along with the development there will be new lighting and artwork installed beneath the Charlesgate overpass nearby. This will be done in collaboration with Artists for Humanity and the Boston Art Academy.

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