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More Residential Development for Fenway: 2 Charlesgate West

Tall towers are popping up all over Boston, especially inĀ Fenway, which will soon see one of the top 10 tallest buildings in the whole city.

The next one on the list is a development by Trans National, for a 340-foot residential tower at 2 Charlesgate West, according to the Boston Business Journal.

Just a block away from Fenway Park the proposed plans include demolishing the current building and constructing a 360,000-square-foot tower in its place.

The residential tower at Charlesgate West would include around 325 residential units, a mix of apartments and condos, as well as retail and office space at street level.

Developers are hoping to do more than just add a new property to the area, by aiming to transform that part of the Fenway neighborhood and making substantial improvements to the surrounding streets, Ipswich and Boylston Street.

Through the improvements they hope to also rebrand an existing stretch of Ipswich Street as a major art-driven landscape. The improvements will support artists in the area as well as improving the landscape, lighting, pedestrian accessibility and safety.

The developer is filing a letter of intent this week, stay tuned for more updates on the process.

Looking for something sooner? Check out Pierce Boston, another new development in the area!

One thought on “More Residential Development for Fenway: 2 Charlesgate West

  1. The proposed 2 Charlesgate West is simply fantastic. As a long-time (34 year) resident of the Fenway, this is what we have been waiting for! Yes ! Build it.

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