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Newburyport is a small, coastal city located in the North Shore on the southern bank of the Merrimack River.

This beautiful area has a long, rich history evident throughout the historical seafront area and vibrant tourism industry.

Colonial residences line the banks of Merrimac Street along the river and homes are known for their beautiful flower gardens.

Newburyport offers residents and visitors a range of activities including an accessible waterfront and boardwalk, as well as a picturesque downtown shopping district.

Although the area has attracted a significant tourist population, it offers full-time residents a selection of housing and opportunities, with more than half the residences belonging to families, most with young children.

Throughout the year there is a focus on cultural events including concerts, and farmers’ markets. Newburyport has a charming small community feel, yet remains vibrant and lively year-round.

Located about 37 miles north of Boston, the city has good transportation links by train and highway.

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