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Newton is a suburb in Middlesex County, about 7 miles west of Downtown Boston.

Newton is the eleventh largest city in Massachusetts and a very desirable community for those looking to commute to Boston.

The historic homes, popular public schools and safe and quiet neighborhoods has allowed it to be consistently ranked as one of the best cities to live in in the country.

There are several historic sites within the town, including Crystal Lake, the East and West Parish burying grounds and the Jackson Homestead with the Newton History Museum.

Rather than a single city center, Newton includes a patchwork of thirteen villages, most with their own unique city center.

Light rail, commuter rail and a bus service serve the area, giving residents many options for their commuting needs.

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453 Listings Available in Newton View All

152 Suffolk Road

Newton, Newton, MA


7 beds 8 baths 4 half baths 14,109 sqft

230 Dudley Rd

Newton, Newton, MA


7 beds 6 baths 1 half bath 8,470 sqft

37 Radcliff Road

Newton, Newton, MA


6 beds 7 baths 3 half baths 11,075 sqft

219 Chestnut St

Newton, Newton, MA


6 beds 4 baths 2 half baths 7,814 sqft

9 Old Orchard Rd

Newton, Newton, MA


7 beds 7 baths 2 half baths 7,500 sqft

48 Windsor Rd

Newton, Newton, MA


7 beds 5 baths 6,180 sqft

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