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Kenmore Square


For Sale:49

For Rent:162

Buy from: $69,500

Rent from: $250

Marked by the Citgo sign and Fenway Park, America’s oldest ballpark, Fenway is one of Boston’s...More

financial district

Financial District

For Sale:12

For Rent:5

Buy from: $699,000

Rent from: $2,750

The Financial District is located in the midst of the “downtown” area of Boston, near both Government...More

Fort Point Housing Construction

Fort Point

For Sale:20

For Rent:8

Buy from: $599,000

Rent from: $2,500

If you’re looking for a unique Boston home within in a vibrant and cultural neighborhood with...More



For Sale:76

For Rent:30

Buy from: $179,900

Rent from: $1,200

Framingham is a suburb of Massachusetts 20 miles west of Boston. It is the largest town in the...More

Franklin Massachusetts Main Street


For Sale:60

For Rent:14

Buy from: $223,250

Rent from: $800

Franklin is a historic town located 22 miles southwest of Boston, named in the top 'Ten Best Towns...More



For Sale:42

For Rent:9

Buy from: $150,000

Rent from: $1,500

Groton sits in the northwestern region of Middlesex County in Massachusetts in the Western Suburbs....More



For Sale:42

For Rent:5

Buy from: $223,900

Rent from: $2,075

Founded in 1727, Hanover remains a picturesque New England town with a small community feel. A small...More

Hingham Harbor


For Sale:104

For Rent:10

Buy from: $275,000

Rent from: $1,700

Hingham is a town on the South Shore in Plymouth County. The town is located 15 miles south of...More

Crane Beach Ipswich


For Sale:50

For Rent:1

Buy from: $175,000

Rent from: $1,250

Ipswich is a coastal town in the heart of the North Shore approximately 30 miles north of Boston. The...More

jamaica plain

Jamaica Plain

For Sale:41

For Rent:81

Buy from: $320,000

Rent from: $950

Jamaica Plain, fondly titled 'JP' for short, is one of Boston's most dynamic neighborhoods rapidly...More

Leather District

Leather District

For Sale:6

For Rent:11

Buy from: $1,025,000

Rent from: $21

While the terms “Leather District” and “Downtown” are sometimes used interchangeably, Boston’s...More



For Sale:73

For Rent:27

Buy from: $429,000

Rent from: $1,700

Lexington is a small town in Middlesex County known for its rich history and for being one of the...More



For Sale:26

For Rent:2

Buy from: $315,100

Rent from: $3,250

Lincoln is a charming and historic town located between Concord and Lexington and approximately...More

Marshfield Beach


For Sale:75

For Rent:17

Buy from: $227,900

Rent from: $1,100

Marshfield is located 30 miles south of Boston in Plymouth County. This coastal community has...More



For Sale:55

For Rent:16

Buy from: $309,000

Rent from: $1,000

Milton is a town in the south suburbs of Boston in Norfolk County. Milton has been on the 'Best...More

Mission Hill

Mission Hill

For Sale:111

For Rent:368

Buy from: $69,500

Rent from: $250

Mission Hill is a small neighborhood within Boston, popular with students, professionals and researchers...More

Needham MA


For Sale:78

For Rent:13

Buy from: $295,000

Rent from: $1,650

Needham is a town in Norfolk County to the west of Boston. Surrounded by the Charles River, this...More

Historic Bartlett Mall, Newburyport, MA


For Sale:70

For Rent:6

Buy from: $279,999

Rent from: $1,100

Newburyport is a small, coastal city located in the North Shore on the southern bank of the Merrimack...More



For Sale:217

For Rent:137

Buy from: $230,000

Rent from: $100

Newton is a suburb in Middlesex County, about 7 miles west of Downtown Boston. Newton is the...More