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North End Boston

North End

For Sale:53

For Rent:66

Buy from: $409,000

Rent from: $650

One of Boston’s most unique neighborhoods, the North End exudes old-world charm. Cobblestone streets,...More

Ipswich River

North Suburbs

For Sale:1,757

For Rent:581

Buy from: $60,000

Rent from: $12


Norwell House


For Sale:54

For Rent:1

Buy from: $329,900

Rent from: $3,500

Norwell is a small town in Plymouth County approximately twenty miles south of Boston. The town...More

Quincy Massachusetts


For Sale:120

For Rent:129

Buy from: $218,800

Rent from: $700

Quincy is a popular Boston suburb on the South Shore in Norfolk County. The city is the ninth...More



For Sale:37

For Rent:70

Buy from: $239,900

Rent from: $500

Revere is a city in Suffolk County located five miles from downtown Boston. The town is a mixture...More

Roslindale MA


For Sale:45

For Rent:54

Buy from: $259,900

Rent from: $1,700

Roslindale is a mainly residential Boston neighborhood bordered by Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park, West...More



For Sale:33

For Rent:148

Buy from: $245,000

Rent from: $850

Roxbury was once a farming community and is now a Boston neighborhood undergoing a transformation. Hundreds...More

Seaport Boston

Seaport District

For Sale:105

For Rent:51

Buy from: $599,000

Rent from: $1,500

Once a neighborhood full of textile factories and warehouses, the Seaport District has undergone...More



For Sale:92

For Rent:222

Buy from: $369,500

Rent from: $100

Somerville, directly adjacent to Cambridge, offers the vibrancy and convenience of an urban city with...More

South Boston

South Boston

For Sale:138

For Rent:118

Buy from: $119,999

Rent from: $250

South Boston, affectionately known as “Southie,” has seen a tremendous change in demographics...More

South End Boston

South End

For Sale:80

For Rent:121

Buy from: $89,000

Rent from: $300

Over the past decade, this neighborhood has earned its recognition with Back Bay and Beacon Hill...More

South Suburbs

South Suburbs

The South Suburbs encompasses the towns south of Boston along the Massachusetts Bay to Cape Cod....More



For Sale:88

For Rent:6

Buy from: $409,705

Rent from: $975

Sudbury is a town with a rich colonial history located in Middlesex County. The small, historic...More



For Sale:83

For Rent:63

Buy from: $395,000

Rent from: $650

Boston's Waterfront neighborhood is nestled between the North End, Financial District, and Seaport...More



For Sale:40

For Rent:6

Buy from: $529,900

Rent from: $1,999

Wayland sits to the west of Boston boasting serene, picturesque New England landscapes rivaling...More



For Sale:100

For Rent:25

Buy from: $625,000

Rent from: $1,400

With a charming historic town center and a broad range of shopping and dining amenities, Wellesley...More

West Roxbury

West Roxbury

For Sale:30

For Rent:36

Buy from: $289,900

Rent from: $900

West Roxbury is located in Boston's southwest corner, known for its activism and culture. Mostly...More

Weston MA


For Sale:87

For Rent:13

Buy from: $449,900

Rent from: $2,900

Weston is a town in Middlesex County with a population of around 11,000 people. Thanks to the...More



For Sale:93

For Rent:42

Buy from: $130,000

Rent from: $1

Weymouth is a primary residential suburb located just south of Boston. The town does not have...More