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Marshfield Beach


For Sale:102

For Rent:24

Buy from: $199,900

Rent from: $1,400

Marshfield is located 30 miles south of Boston in Plymouth County. This coastal community has...More



For Sale:89

For Rent:14

Buy from: $309,000

Rent from: $1,000

Milton is a town in the south suburbs of Boston in Norfolk County. Milton has been on the 'Best...More

Mission Hill

Mission Hill

For Sale:145

For Rent:205

Buy from: $69,500

Rent from: $250

Mission Hill is a small neighborhood within Boston, popular with students, professionals and researchers...More

Needham MA


For Sale:67

For Rent:14

Buy from: $295,000

Rent from: $2,250

Needham is a town in Norfolk County to the west of Boston. Surrounded by the Charles River, this...More

Historic Bartlett Mall, Newburyport, MA


For Sale:92

For Rent:17

Buy from: $234,500

Rent from: $1,150

Newburyport is a small, coastal city located in the North Shore on the southern bank of the Merrimack...More



For Sale:267

For Rent:153

Buy from: $269,000

Rent from: $100

Newton is a suburb in Middlesex County, about 7 miles west of Downtown Boston. Newton is the...More

North End Boston

North End

For Sale:56

For Rent:109

Buy from: $425,000

Rent from: $650

One of Boston’s most unique neighborhoods, the North End exudes old-world charm. Cobblestone streets,...More

Ipswich River

North Suburbs

For Sale:2,259

For Rent:624

Buy from: $50,000

Rent from: $12


Norwell House


For Sale:74

For Rent:1

Buy from: $275,000

Rent from: $2,000

Norwell is a small town in Plymouth County approximately twenty miles south of Boston. The town...More

Quincy Massachusetts


For Sale:174

For Rent:154

Buy from: $235,000

Rent from: $700

Quincy is a popular Boston suburb on the South Shore in Norfolk County. The city is the ninth...More



For Sale:40

For Rent:48

Buy from: $149,900

Rent from: $500

Revere is a city in Suffolk County located five miles from downtown Boston. The town is a mixture...More

Roslindale MA


For Sale:51

For Rent:46

Buy from: $224,900

Rent from: $1,500

Roslindale is a mainly residential Boston neighborhood bordered by Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park, West...More



For Sale:49

For Rent:90

Buy from: $250,000

Rent from: $850

Roxbury was once a farming community and is now a Boston neighborhood undergoing a transformation. Hundreds...More

Seaport Boston

Seaport District

For Sale:123

For Rent:56

Buy from: $575,000

Rent from: $1,500

Once a neighborhood full of textile factories and warehouses, the Seaport District has undergone...More



For Sale:144

For Rent:200

Buy from: $349,000

Rent from: $100

Somerville, directly adjacent to Cambridge, offers the vibrancy and convenience of an urban city with...More

South Boston

South Boston

For Sale:180

For Rent:159

Buy from: $90,000

Rent from: $250

South Boston, affectionately known as “Southie,” has seen a tremendous change in demographics...More

South End Boston

South End

For Sale:95

For Rent:103

Buy from: $305,000

Rent from: $250

Over the past decade, this neighborhood has earned its recognition with Back Bay and Beacon Hill...More