International Buyers

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Unique considerations, requirements and procedures involved in an international move or purchase

Advisors Living has extensive experience assisting our international clientele purchase real estate in Boston and the surrounding suburbs. We only work with the most capable professionals in the industry, so you can benefit from our network of local attorneys, mortgage brokers, contractors, architects and interior designers.


The trend among international investors or buyers is to make all cash offers, however financing can be an alternate option. Most US banks have created programs to accommodate international buyers.  If you plan to finance your apartment in Boston, we can guide you through the process but here are a few points to consider.

Documentation requirements can be stringent, but some lenders are willing to waive these requirements in return for a slightly higher interest rate, to offset the increased risk associated with unsubstantiated loans. Advisors Living has very strong relationships with mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers in Boston who are experienced working with foreign buyers.




International buyers must be aware of certain tax implications of owning and selling real property in the United States. No sales tax is payable on residential property in the US. The federal rate on long term gains associated with the sale of real property is 20%. Also, upon the eventual sale of real estate property, US state and federal governments require that certain portions of sale proceeds be withheld for income tax.


Advisors Living has an exclusive network of experienced professionals that can assist with the transaction from contract to closing, ensuring your interests are protected. We can help minimize tax burdens and optimize the structure of your real estate purchase.