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150 Seaport Boulevard Approved by the BRA

150 Seaport Boulevard

150 Seaport Boulevard, the massive new residential and retail development, has been approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

Although the project can still face issues with an influential environmental group and needs state approvals, this was the first step for this waterfront tower becoming a reality.

The proposal includes a 22-story glass tower, transforming what is currently two waterfront bars.

The building would house 124 condo units and if all goes to plan the developers aim to begin construction next year.

The main backlash the project is facing is from the Conservation Law Foundation, which is worried that the development will take up too much of the Seaport’s waterfront space.

Along with the project, developers will also help finance civic assets throughout South Boston, including: Martin Richard Park at Children’s Wharf, building a new space for the Fort Point Arts Community and paying for a new stretch of the Harborwalk between Pier 4 and the World Trade Center.

150 Seaport Boulevard would overlook the harbor and work to protect and enhance the area around it.

The development would also include retail space, commercial space and parking spots.

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Architectural Robotics Could Help Maximize Small Spaces

Architectural Robotics Apartment


Architectural robotics are being tested at new residential developments in the Seaport, hoping to maximize the always decreasing square footage.

At the Watermark Seaport a 481-square-foot studio is testing out this new technology that makes small spaces like these feel bigger and more practical, according to

The luxury unit features a kitchen space along one wall, a bed area, living room space, floor to ceiling windows and high-end finishes.

The unique aspect is actually hidden within what appears to be a wall separating he bedroom and living room space.

Architectural Robotics Apartment


On the side of the wall is a control panel, allowing the wall to be moved to the left or right, making either the bedroom space or living room space bigger.

Built into the movable wall are cabinets, closets, a pull out desk and even a space for the bed to slide in. These additions allow you to quickly tuck the bed away and transform the space into an office, or larger living space.

Architectural Robotics 2


Called architectural robotics, this technology quickly and easily makes the most use of your space depending on your individual needs at any time and is conveniently controlled from your phone or the button.

Architectural Robotics


Not only does it divide the space, but it unlocks potential for smaller spaces, especially since these size spaces are becoming increasingly popular on the market.

These technologies are currently still being tested at the Watermark and other cities around the country, but the developers at Ori Systems are hoping to get into real homes in 2017.

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Restaurants, Markets and More Coming to Fan Pier

Twenty Two Liberty Fan Pier

High-end dining options, gourmet food markets and more are coming to the Seaport as a part of new additions to the Fan Pier development.

Four new residents will soon open in the area including: Mastro’s Ocean Club, Frank Anthony’s Gourmet Market, Sorelle and Salon Mario Russo.

Fan Pier Site Plan

Mastro’s Ocean club is a seafood restaurant that will open in the Twenty Two Liberty Condo tower. Although this is the first of the brand in London, there are four others across the US.

Frank Anthony’s Gourmet is the first food market to open in this area. Due to open later this summer, the owners hope to create a 21st-century corner market.

Sorelle is already a well known bakery throughout Boston and will join the area at 100 Northern Avenue, also opening later this summer.

Salon Mario Russo is reopening at Twenty Two Liberty, after their previous location in a temporary building closed.

Twenty Two Liberty is one of the newest luxury developments in Fan Pier and with these new additions is becoming an even more sought after place to live.

The combination of waterfront views, luxury amenities and all of these new additions make this an unbeatable location in the Seaport.

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M1 M2 is Coming to the Seaport

M1 M2

A new Seaport development called M1 M2 has been approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

The buildings are not only bringing residential ownership opportunities to the area, but also public space and retail space.

M1 M2 will occupy 3.5 acres at the Seaport and Pier Four boulevards, covering just over 1 million square feet.

Developers are hoping to really enrich the surrounding neighborhood with the development and create more space for the residents and visitors.

There has been a series of developments in Seaport Square hoping to transform the Seaport District, and M1 M2 will be one of the largest.

This project includes three towers of residential space and ground floor retail space. The buildings will all be focused around a public central courtyard.

Two of the buildings will have condos and one will have apartments. With the design developers hope to promote pedestrian use and enhance the area.

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