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Downtown Crossing: Boston’s New Residential Neighborhood

Downtown Boston

The newest of Boston’s residential neighborhoods is Downtown Crossing, with new developments set to transform the area.

The latest news of Millennium Partners redeveloping the Winthrop Square Garage into a mostly residential tower is one of the main pieces that will speed up this transformation.

For years the Downtown Crossing area has been a popular shopping destination, with plenty of retail and restaurants, but very little residents.Winthrop Square

The transformation of this area into a more residential space started when Emerson College began building housing off Washington Street just a few years ago. Since then, developments have increased dramatically.

The iconic Millennium Tower has just been completed and the new development at Winthrop Square is expected to be complete by 2020. There have also been speculation about a skyscraper on Bromfield Street, however no plans are finalized for that space.

The Downtown area is always busy with a diverse mix of tourists, shoppers, residents and those working in the area. This diverse mix is only increasing with the added residential space, making for a very lively and inviting neighborhood.

Plenty of factors keep this area accessible to everyone and will prevent it from becoming solely sterile condo buildings.

The Millennium development at Winthrop Square Garage alone will bring a great hall with restaurants and retail and plenty of public space.

By the time these new developments are complete the city hopes to have a clearer picture of the future of this neighborhood, but it is clear right now that it is going to create a more residential, neighborhood feel in the heart of the city.

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Winthrop Square Proposals Enhance Dining in the Financial District

Winthrop Square Garage

Photo Credit: Google Street Map

Six development teams are contending to redevelop Boston’s Winthrop Square with proposals including residential, retail and office space plans. The six projects are distinctly different, however they all promise to bring a plethora of good food to the Financial District.

Boston Business Journal provided an in-depth look into all six proposals and how they hope to transform the area. These plans include giant towers, co-working space, retail space, condominiums and dining options to satisfy visitors and future residents of the area.

Each of the Winthrop Square proposals brings with it a unique concept or space for living, working and plenty of new dining options.

The first, by Accordia Partners includes a 57-story tower with condominiums, hotel rooms, and a 57th floor observatory restaurant. This plan also includes 5,300 square feet of street level restaurant space, for the diners less interested in heights.

Another proposal by Millenium Partners includes a high-rise tower that sits atop a podium space called The Great Hall. Plans for the space within The Great Hall include three levels of dining, cafes and markets. With a strong focus on innovation and diversity and a desire to make it a main Boston hub, visitors will be spoilt for choice within this space.

The proposal from Trinity Financial focuses around a 1 million-square-foot tower including living space, a hotel, amenities and a even a public park. The 52nd floor would hold an 11,000-square-foot observation deck as well as a premier restaurant, lounge and bar. A two-story public passageway connecting Winthrop Square and Federal Street would also include a beer garden and two-level restaurant.

The projects each have a unique vision, but all tie into a similar theme of enhancing this space. The aim is to make it a thriving hub for living, working and dining.

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Winthrop Square Garage is Ready for Redevelopment

Winthrop Square Garage

Photo Credit: Google Street Map

According to The Boston Globe, The Boston Redevelopment Authority has put out a formal request for proposals for redeveloping the Winthrop Square Garage located in the Financial District. Eight development teams have already submitted proposals, including Millennium Partners, the team responsible for the Millennium Tower in Downtown Crossing, Boston’s 690-foot luxury condominium. The Fallon Co., the team behind developments in the Seaport such as Twenty Two Liberty, a 118-unit luxury residential tower in Fan Pier, has also submitted a proposal. Their proposal for the Winthrop Square Garage includes two buildings composed of 32 floors of apartments and 18 condominiums. Accordia Partners pitched a 750-foot building containing 140 condominiums, a public gallery, retail and hotel.

These proposals could change as revised plans are submitted and new ones filter in in the next six weeks. For a preview of the eight pitches already submitted visit Curbed.

While proposals range from a public plaza to sky-high developments, what do you think will tower above the rest?