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The International Film Festival Returns to Boston April 14th

The Boston International Film Festival (Boston IFF) has been one of Boston’s most prominent annual attractions for more than a decade. This April will mark the 14th year of the event and the people of Boston could not be more excited. This rich, cultural experience is unique to the downtown area and provides entertainment for movie critics and fans alike.

The Boston International Film Festival was created to celebrate the art of filmmaking and to honor the people behind the scenes. The festival is dedicated to rewarding artists for their individual talents and for their creative expressions. The Boston IFF unites local, national and international filmmakers and supports the work of worldwide independent filmmakers. The 5-day festival will begin on Thursday, April 14th and end on Monday, April 18th. The screenings provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for audience members to engage in dialogue with the filmmakers, and for the filmmakers to receive honest feedback from their audiences.

There are over 100 screenings and live events scheduled throughout the festival, and will be held across three major locations in Downtown Boston, including the AMC Loews Theatre located at 175 Tremont Street, The Paramount Theatre located at 559 Washington Street, and the BPE Studio located at 9A Hamilton Place. Opening night will feature a Red Carpet event starting at 6:00pm followed by a movie screening from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Residents and future residents of the downtown area should strongly consider attending this vibrant event.

The cost of attendance depends on the experience you are looking to have. With that said, none of the experiences will break the bank. For those only looking for a night of fun you can purchase a screening pass for $45.00 and enjoy the screenings of that specific day. The second option is an All Screening pass, which is $75 and lasts throughout the festival, providing admittance to all screenings. Last, but not least, is the All access VIP Pass that cost $250.00 and they allow you to meet the stars and filmmakers, go to each of the parties, and see any of the films. Regardless of the option you choose, you are in for a great atmosphere filled with talented people and thought-provoking films. Attractions like this are just another great perk of living in and around the city of Boston.

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