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The Northern Avenue Bridge Final Designs

The Northern Avenue Bridge is set to get a major facelift and plans for the redesign were left up to submissions from the public.

Over 100 designs were submitted and are far from your average bridge, with ideas ranging from outrageous parks, farms, galleries and many more.

The final four designs have now been chosen and announced by the Mayor and the Boston Society of Architects and from these there will be the final designs for the future of the bridge.

The Northern Avenue Bridge was originally constructed in 1908. It connected people, cyclists, cars and trains from one side of the Fort Point Channel to another and was closed in 2014. The closure was due to corrosion and fears for its safety and the possibility of it even collapsing into the water, but now the city is hoping to breathe new life into the structure.

One of the finalist designs was created by Rob Barella, a landscape engineer for Kyle Zick Landscape Architecture, who turned the new bridge into a park.

The design is for a rail-car bridge that includes terraces, floating island and green space that goes all the way down to water level.

Two of the other winners also make use of green space in their designs. The design titled the ‘Northern Avenue Botanical Bridge’ by Mazen Sakr and Aaron Bruckerhoff, includes an enclosed pedestrian walkway and a greenhouse botanical garden.

All of the designs are modern and inventive and create drastically different new uses for the iconic bridge.

The excitement surrounding this project is building and the final winner will be creating a truly unique new space in the Fort Point area.

View all of the designs here!

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