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What is the Seaport Missing? A Grocery Store

Development in the Seaport is continuing rapidly, especially with the addition of new high-end apartment buildings attracting more and more residents.

However, the Seaport neighborhood is still missing one major component: a local grocery store.

The luxury new developments include Twenty Two Liberty, One Seaport Square and Pier 4 Condominium, all offering their own exclusive amenities and attracting new residents to the area.

Along with these there are a plethora of restaurants new and old, creating more of a neighborhood feeling with each new opening adding something to the area.

With General Electric’s world headquarters set to open soon and contribute to public space there is no end to the new developments reinventing this Boston hub.

As one of the fastest growing areas in Boston and with more housing being approved daily, the need for a grocery store continues to grow. As the substantial desire for this a grocery store in this space grows, we expect it wont be long now before the Seaport finally has one of their own.

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